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Updated: 09/28/16 10:53:53 PM

We offer a beautiful scrolling pattern screen cutout that will give your room a custom decorated look. We have a large selection of colors for our glass sand timers, so you may have a difficult time choosing the one you love the best.

Updated: 09/27/16 10:31:20 PM

Glass fusions lamps make a great addition to a corporate office, so visit our website today and find the perfect office gift.

Updated: 09/27/16 03:02:52 AM

If you are looking for something pretty to give to a woman on your gift list, you could shop our site for a beautifully designed fushion lamp.

Updated: 09/26/16 12:38:21 PM

The pieces inside a radiometer are black on one side and shiny on the opposite side, and they spin with no other energy than light and heat.

Updated: 09/24/16 08:17:11 PM

If your children don't know what to buy for your birthday or a holiday, you could point them to our site and give them some suggestions. You can spend hours spinning the globe and teaching your children about people that live in other interesting and unique places in our world.

Updated: 09/24/16 12:19:39 PM

When you're looking for sleek, elegant designs for your home or office, visit our website and explore all our beautiful gift items.

Updated: 09/24/16 11:40:08 AM

A radiometer is shaped like a light bulb and it measures the flux or power of electromagnetic radiation.

Updated: 09/24/16 11:18:42 AM

Glass fusions lamps make a great addition to a corporate office, so visit our website today and find the perfect office gift. If your style of decor is modern, take a look at our site for our hanging thermometer on a chrome stand.

Updated: 09/23/16 08:54:32 PM

We offer our globes with a more traditional wooden base, and we also offer a contemporary styled round metal stand for our modern globe customers.

Updated: 09/23/16 01:59:30 AM

If you are in need of a nice but not too costly gift for a birthday, graduation, shower, or wedding, we can meet your needs at our online gift store. Sand pendulums, kaleidoscopes, globes and ships in bottles are excellent choices for those executives who are hard to buy for.

Updated: 09/22/16 07:03:26 AM

A pretty gift for someone who loves animals would be one of our animal shaped magnifying glasses.

Updated: 09/21/16 01:10:47 PM

Our beautiful, creative deco wall panels could be the focal point of your special room, and the talk of all of your friends.

Updated: 09/21/16 12:49:30 PM

Bird lovers need not look any further because our wonderfully creative black bird deco panels will make your room into something special.

Updated: 09/20/16 12:05:23 PM

If you are pressed for time but need to shop for a gift for someone special, our site offers many creative gift ideas at reasonable prices.

Updated: 09/19/16 04:35:53 PM

A radiometer is sometimes considered to be an ultraviolet detector.

Updated: 09/18/16 04:00:33 PM

Our stainless steel gazing chains can be ordered with just a few glass spheres, or you may order one with up to 16 spheres.

Updated: 09/17/16 02:44:06 PM

There are so many people who have modern style homes today and they will love the chrome stand for our hanging thermometers.

Updated: 09/16/16 11:19:49 AM

Both mercury and alcohol get bigger when they are heated and smaller when they are cooled, so that's how they seem to move in a Galileo thermometer.

Updated: 09/15/16 06:33:14 AM

We have a selection of beautiful kaleidoscopes that make great gifts for executives or for just about anyone on your holiday gift shopping list.

Updated: 09/14/16 04:31:06 PM

When you're looking for the perfect gift or accessory for you home that is unique and eye catching, visit our website and see what we have to offer. If your children don't know what to buy for your birthday or a holiday, you could point them to our site and give them some suggestions.

Updated: 09/14/16 03:44:01 AM

You may not know that a radiometer is a device that can measure the flux or power of electromagnetic radiation. If you have a woman for your boss, you might want to consider giving a glass fusion lamp to her for a special gift.

Updated: 09/13/16 07:36:22 PM

You will enjoy seeing a beautiful, colorful, glass fushion lamp in your bedroom when you wake up in the morning.

Updated: 09/12/16 07:52:31 PM

We offer many radiometers, some clear and others that have a clear bulb and a beautifully-colored stem.

Updated: 09/12/16 12:31:05 AM

If you had the impression that glass fusion lamps were only made with flowers or butterflies, check out our beach beauty pattern. If you are searching for a gift for a special teacher, you may want to consider a sand pendulum or a Newton cradle.

Updated: 09/10/16 06:56:50 PM

Check out all of the sizes that our glass fusion lamps come in and find just the right sized one for a special Mother's Day gift.

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